Common App Development Challenges That Will Kill Your Project

App development can be challenging and if not properly managed can also lead to early and premature closure of the project. The delays and cost overruns are two biggest reason of failures for major app development projects. The problem is universal, especially prevalent in larger-scale, complex projects. Delays happen for a variety of reasons, but are often a result of poor process, improper capacity planning, and lack of skill.

Budget overruns are often explicitly tied to product delays. The “time is money” adage holds true in this scenario. The longer it takes you to release and the more waste you incur as a result, the higher the cost.

How To Deal With It

At appers, we have a solution to deal with all these problems. Our expert team not only handles projects maturely but have a thorough understanding of the process with 100s of successful projects under the belt.Product delays and budget overruns are not easily avoided, but there are ways to reduce time and budget risks in projects:

  • Agile Development: One of the biggest impediments to success is trying to achieve absolute perfection with version one. Whilst during this process, startups aren’t able to get to market quickly. It is important to continually improve based on user feedback.
  • Quick Wins: It is important to keep developing small features, seek feedback and go further. Small wins are important to keep momentum running both with the startup and the app development company
  • Defined Feature list: At appers, we run several hours of workshop to discuss the app idea and understand what is required to bring life to that idea. We document detailed list of feature or user stories to list all requirements for the app with accurate time lines and costing
  • Strategic Planning : Product delays and budget overruns are often the result of improper capacity planning. If you can’t accurately estimate team capacity, you can’t properly estimate time or budget. At appers, each project gets a dedicated team allocated with best of the best skilled ios and android app developers. And our development team uses basecamp for project communication and bug tracking.
  • Flexibility: Inability to adapt to changing needs can have a huge impact on both time and budget. At appers, we maintain flexibility and accept any reasonable changes to the scope to develop an experience that your customers will enjoy.

Feel free to get in touch with our app strategist, drop a line at info@appers.com.au to book an appointment

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