App development process

I have seen lot of startups asking the question that how much an app development would cost. Its hard to have a fixed price in place without understanding detailed requirement, number of platform, and level of complexity of the app. App development can be expensive, hence need to be planned properly. Our product specialist Ryan, usually arranges 30 minute telephonic workshops with startup founders to provide them advice on what strategy to follow:

  1. Choose right platform – it is very important for a startup to choose the most appropriate platform for the app development. We usually recommend to go for 1 platform, test with customer feedback and work towards building the MVP. If you are targeting younger demographic than IOS platform is usually preferred. However, if  budget is not a concern, than you can opt for both the platforms together.3
  2. Know your customer- One of the biggest mistake which lot of startups make is ignoring their customer. Develop a persona of your customer, and use design thinking approach to understand whats their motivation behind using the app. Draft a customer journey mapping, to understand their pains and gains and design an experience that en-thrills an end user from start to finish.
  3. Prepare a proper plan and set aside a proper budget for the app development. During this process, dont forget to include recurring cloud hosting charges, ongoing maintenance, and marketing costs. An app without a proper marketing strategy in place doesn’t achieve wider adoption and customer uptake.
  4. Apps with back-end servers will almost always cost more, dynamic apps with lot of complex functionalities, if-else logic are bound to cost more than simple static apps.
  5. Simple apps for one platform will start around $25,000 and More complex apps cost six figures but can push up over $100,000

At appers, we help startups become the next amazon, uber or facebook. We dont promise overnight success, but we handheld startups and our experience strategist ensure that you follow right strategy and have a zeal for perfect execution. At present we are  running over 100 IOS and Android app development projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. If you are keen to speak with one of our experts. Please feel free to book an appointment, drop an email to info@appers.com.au

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