Food Ordering Apps

Appers is your new best friend to order food online from thousands of restaurants around you. There, we said it. Fancy a pizza for lunch? Craving Chinese for dinner? Browse delivery restaurants by name or location, build and place your order with a few taps, pay for your order online, then sit back. The only time you’ll need to move is to answer the doorbell (unless you have a drone that can help with that).
Are you a restaurant owner or an entrepreneur planning to build next menulog, zomato or food panda? Our tailor made food ordering apps would design and develop top notch apps to provide seamless user experience.

Key Features of Food Ordering Apps

Our apps provide an easy way for restaurant owners to:

  • View analytics and sales on a Dashboard

  • Find nearby people

  • Track open and closed orders

  • Add and modify menu items

  • Change pricing and description

  • Manage invoicing and sales

  • Receive payments in real-time

  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Customers can easily:

  • Find best rated restaurants nearby

  • Select from range of different cuisines

  • Choose meal from 100 different menus

  • Add discounts and use loyalty coupons

  • Track orders in real-time

  • Manage orders and invoicing

  • Pay Online using credit card, Google or Apple Pay

  • Leverage highly secure and safe transactions

  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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