An effective strategy to create such an experience is contextual design. A context-aware user interface continually adapts to the ideal form by leveraging available data and anticipating user needs.


What Is Contextual Design?

Contextual design presents the most relevant content and/or functions up front at all times. In doing so, the flow is controlled, taps/clicks are reduced, and both clutter and stagnant empty states are avoided. As soon as an app is opened, its purpose should be clear and the next step should always be obvious. Context-aware apps don’t sit and wait for user input before they come to life; they evolve with the user.


“Context-aware apps don’t sit and wait for user input before they come to life; they evolve with the user”

Contextual Design is Data Driven

Contextual design can take many considerations into account, including but not limited to: the user and their role, the task at hand or the step in a process, the user’s location, the time and date, or the device being used.

Business requirements are criteria that are necessary to meet organizational objectives. Typically they outline how the product or solution will address the needs of the company and/or its users.

These considerations are commonly included when mapping out business requirements for a mobile app requirements document:


  • What is the purpose of the app or product? What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What is the current problem(s) it will solve?
  • How will it streamline or improve the current process or facilitate a new process?
  • What is the product vision?
  • What aspects are already in place? What needs to be added? Will the app need to be started from scratch or can you leverage existing assets?
  • What should the app be able to do (ie. functionality)?
  • What features will it need?
  • What is the monetization or business model?
  • Are there branding and design guidelines that need to be followed?
  • Is the ask feasible?

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