Social Media Apps

Rise of social media networks has forever changed the way we communicate. The world is now closer together, with everyone accessible in a convenient manner. At Appers we have immense experience building social media apps.
At Appers, we built social apps that allow you to search for new people nearby or in any location you want, anywhere in the world. Do you have a next big social app idea to disrupt Facebook, tinder or Instagram? We are here to help.

Key features of Social Media Apps

Our social apps would allow you to:

  • Create attractive profile

  • Find nearby people

  • Check-in to favorite location

  • Search people based on interest or location

  • Share pictures and videos

  • Add friends or mark people as favorites

  • Follow people or allow people to follow you

  • Chat or send messages in real-time

  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Have an Idea? Let’s discuss. …

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