Our 360 approach provides hand holdings support to young startups.

Many of the successful startups originated from dinner table discussions, napkin ideas. Appers love to take the ideas and vision of entrepreneurs to transform hem into highly profitable mobile apps

Knowledge and Experience

Without a Technology Evangelist, it can be extremely challenging to take an idea and convert it into a fully developed pseudo-platform in order to initiate the actual development.

Appino solves this issue by acting as your Technology Evangelist throughout and beyond the app development process. Appino provides unrivalled level of help, consultancy and support to transform your idea into a fully fleshed out conceptual app.

In-depth Analysis

New ideas require extensive amount of analysis. If you are trying to develop something which does not currently exist, it’s critical that the app concept is meticulously analysed to ensure every logic, feature and function is fully understood and achievable.

Appino’s Analysts also carefully examine your commercial goals and aspirations to ensure a return on investment as outlined in your business plan.


Investors and stakeholders often demand high levels of documentation to ensure that the concept is achievable. Appino provides a definitive Requirements Document which details every deliverable within the app development life cycle.

This document is designed to be the core reference guide for every person working on your project and is a living document as well, that is referred to for all new features added every single time.

Involvement & Participation

Appino utilises leading Project Management software that enables Clients to track the progress 24/7. As an Entrepreneur, it’s important that your investors and stakeholders have a clear visibility of the Project’s progress, on demand. This ensures their continued trust and faith in your idea.

Appino can provide, upon request, daily AGILE Scrum updates, to ensure that our Clients are a part of the development process.

Value for Money

The cost of employing an experianced single developer starts at around £45k per annum. Add Designers, Project Managers, Testers and most importantly a CTO to the mix and you end up with an ‘in-house’ solution costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

By working with Appino and utilising our internal, specialist skill sets, we can reduce the cost of development to a fraction of the cost of employing your own team.

Ready to get started?

So that we can help you to develop your digital concept further, it’s important that you provide the following:

  • Summary of concept on a single page
  • Fully documented concept
  • Applications/competitors similar to your concept
  • Wireframes/Mockup (if you have them handy)
  • Proof of Concept (if available)

Have an Idea? Let’s discuss. …

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