Uber For X Apps

Uber for X is used to describe the possibility to order anything on demand and have it delivered to the customer anywhere, not only to a fixed address. Usually, this is managed by an app or web service.At Appers we build Turn-key Solution to power any On-Demand business idea.We help startups build Uber like model within few weeks they can see their idea working.

Key Features of Uber For X Apps

Our apps provide an easy way for Service Providers to:

  • Create Profile

  • View job or service request

  • Quote on job received

  • Accept or reject the job

  • Get in touch with customers

  • Manage Payments and invoicing

  •  Get feedback and reviews

Customers can easily request:

  • Create a job request with photos and description

  • Receive quotes from from list of Service Provider

  • Choose Provider based on price, experience and rating

  • Schedule Appointment in real-time

  • Pay online and review Service Provider

  • Review and provide feedback

In über for x, At Appers, we can build similar Uber x platforms for range of different services including Uber x for Laundry, Uber x for car wash, Uber x for taxis, Uber x for doctors, Uber for x tow truck, Uber for x Tutoring,Uber x for Handyman, Uber x for Food Delivery,Uber x for Courier, Ubse x for Massages, Uber x for Mobile Repair, Uber x for Dog Walker etc. Use same font in the page . Can you extend this list to add all other ‘Uber x platform you showed previously .

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